Chapter One: The Initiate

Those trees were like her loving elders. She knew every woodland creature. Every squirrel and skunk, and even the wolves were of her own. The spriggans and the nixies played with her at dawn, and as the sun set, she would sneak into Faer to create mischief with the spirits who dwell in that realm.

But those days are gone now. There are secrets that whisper among the willows and the shadows of the border mountains stretch further into the valleys these days.

Free Chapter

Morgan seeks the Council of Seven

The Book of Kept

The immortal king surveyed the carnage before him. Heaps of dead and dying heroes lay intermingled with hordes of fallen beasts.

Behind him the last of his people boarded vessels ready to make the long voyage to the other world.

He wept. He could not go. And when his tears landed blue roses sprang from the bloody soil.

And so ended the first world.

The Legends

The Mortals

Explore the personalities of the characters who breathe life into the Lost Lords world.

The Beasts

Driven by primal urge and raw emotion, the beasts shape the landscape of the natural world.

The Lurkers

There are those who shun the light and work to cast all into shadow.

The Lords

The immortal beings of light and darkness who shape the laws of reality.

The Vault

The world of Lost Lords has been a realm in my imagination where I’ve escaped to my entire life. It has been built with loving care since the days when i first sat and dreamt of it as a grade schooler in my small home town.

I welcome you to take a look at early sketches. Some of them date back well over 20 years!

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